Zircon jewelry making technology

  • Zircon jewelry making technology
July 01, 2022

For some people, may be able to understand the jewelry, but for the jewelry processing method, or how to make, may not be clear, a beautiful jewelry, will be inseparable from our zircon inlaid technology, Hongye jewelry Xiaobian take you to understand the jewelry inlaid zircon technology.

The inlaying of ornaments refers to the connection of zircons, gems and metals. Common inlaying methods include claw inlaying, wrapping inlaying, mixing inlaying, wax inlaying, nailing inlaying, etc.

Claw inlaid ornaments:

The claw inlaying method is suitable for all kinds of zircon, gemstone, etc. This inlaying method is hollow and bottomless, with obvious light amount and convenient processing. Claw inserts include two claws, three claws, four claws, six claws, etc., Mosaic is convenient.

Bag inlaid ornaments:

The inlaid zircon is very firm and suitable for convex stones that are difficult to grasp. There are two kinds of inlaid zircon, one is full inlaid and the other is half inlaid. The inlaid zircon requires that the shape of the stone is very consistent with the inlaid mouth, and it is not easy to modify.

Mixed inlaid ornaments:

This KIND OF MIXED INLAY jewelry SHOULD be relatively easy to understand, is a combination of various inlay ways, this inlay method will let a person have a chaotic feeling, but also the size of the stone together, can instantly enhance the high-end sense of jewelry.

Wax inset ornaments and nail lifting ornaments are mainly used for small round zircon inset. Common wax inset nails are set with horse's eye nails and plum blossom nails.

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